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Most people understand that image sizes slow down page loads, so they need to be as small as quality allows. Google prefers pages that load quickly, as do visitors. However, there is much more to image optimization than just size. They are an opportunity to push your keywords and promote[…]

With composite and uPVC doors growing in popularity, you will find that many owners are now following the trend of replacing their doors with these materials. Homeowners choose them because they are sturdy and look great. You can find, however, that if you have purchased a property that has been[…]

If your hotel bar is not very popular with your customers, it may be time to update and improve it. We will take you through some different ideas that you can apply to your hotel bar to make it feel fresher and more appealing. Take a look at your menu[…]

While most small-business owners and freelancers don’t think of themselves as having ‘brands’ and engaging in public relations, the fact is that every organization has a brand. It would even be reasonable to say that every person has a brand. If you are selling a product or service, then what[…]

Google has caused controversy this month as a result of its move to penalize businesses which feature full-page pop-ups to advertise their apps when smartphone users visit their website. And for any firm looking to benefit from web design in Essex to improve their online presence, paying attention to shake-ups[…]

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