Do you know these Irish customs?

Although you might think you are familiar with the customs and traditions of Ireland, there is so much more to the country than little green men! Image Credit Check out our favorite unknown Irish customs so that

The ongoing debate of blinding in clinical trials

Words like ‘placebo’, ‘randomization’ and ‘blinding’ are used as a matter of everyday course and can be confusing for the participant investigating an appropriate clinical trial. Image Credit Blinding The 21st century has challenged the view that

Old but still gold: 3 SEO staples

The internet inevitably moves apace. It seems like every day brings changes in SEO technologies and tactics, and what was once acceptable becomes devalued whilst something new comes in its place. Case in point: meta-keywords. The ever-shifting

Ain’t’ our Convoy a beautiful sight

Novelty songs are not usually the basis for a good movie but in 1978 the film Convoy actually proved this to be slightly untrue. An iconic film “Convoy” was made starring two of the seventies’ biggest stars

Volcanoes National Park in Africa

Volcanoes National Park is the oldest national park in Africa. Situated in the north of Rwanda, it occupies 160 square kilometers and comprises some of the most stunning rainforest and mountain countryside in the world. Image Credit