In the depths of the sea below

Whales have been of great interest to human beings for a long time as have other sea mammals. Films have been written about them, documentaries on them and exploring their world but there is still so much

Some of the most iconic chair designs

The chair must fit a lot into a small package. It must be practical, comfortable, stylish and well-engineered. There is no other furniture that is loved quite like a favorite chair. Chairs became more than just functional

The Importance of a Coaching Plan

No matter what type of team sport you play or what age you are, it is essential that your coach sticks to a program that maximizes the benefits of your practice sessions. There is nothing worse than

A guide to clinical trials and how they get FDA approval

When a research group or facility tests medications or treatments for various illnesses, they have to be approved by the FDA before they can be regulated and prescribed. The use of these drugs and procedures usually occurs

Repair and Replace for Added Security

You might think that your home is pretty secure and you pay close attention to security. However, there are always times when a lapse in concentration or not having the time for that repair job results in