These are the growth areas for mortgaging

Mortgage brokers are increasingly looking at specialist buy-to-let opportunities to drive their business. Image Credit The sectors influencing the market are houses for multiple occupations (HMOs) and the interest from expats viewing the domestic market in the

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The roof is the first line of defense for a building when it comes to keeping moisture out. Not only do roofs need to be made of the most waterproof materials, but all joins must be exceptionally

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Everything moves at a breakneck pace these days, and it’s hardly surprising with technological and scientific developments happening almost daily. From new mobile phone operating systems to bigger and better home computers, everything is improving in quality

How scent marketing is being used to sell cars

Smell is perhaps one of the most underrated senses, although aromas can be extremely powerful in evoking connections to past events and strong emotions. Generating and harnessing emotions can be vital when inspiring consumers to purchase new

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Every family is different. From parents who have strict rules and routines to those who take a more relaxed outlook and let the children lead, there are always ways to make your time together as a family