13 steps to planning your wedding

If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! Once the happy glow has subsided, you’ll have to start planning your wedding. Here’s a helpful guide. Image Credit Budget The first thing to do is to agree on a budget.

How to Get a High-End Look For a Low Price

Most people think that a high-quality home is always going to cost the earth. However, people might be surprised to discover that there are lots of ways to reduce the cost of a new bathroom, kitchen or

Rising gorilla population attracts increased US tourism

Located deep within the forests of Rwanda, the mountain gorillas evoke an awe-inspiring, endearing and somewhat intimidating feeling amongst those who visit them. Watching them from afar, tourists feel a sense of familiarity yet trepidation as they

How to Optimise Your Images for SEO

Most people understand that image sizes slow down page loads, so they need to be as small as quality allows. Google prefers pages that load quickly, as do visitors. However, there is much more to image optimization

How to Clean Composite and uPVC Doors

With composite and uPVC doors growing in popularity, you will find that many owners are now following the trend of replacing their doors with these materials. Homeowners choose them because they are sturdy and look great. You