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The inherent importance of the building survey

PropertyThe inherent importance of the building survey

You will be able to judge whether the condition of the building is conducive for the type of work which is being carried out and if not whether you could carry out the work yourself or whether you should consider having a building survey carried out. Another important benefit of having your building survey report inspected by a Building Surveyor is that they can advise you about any defects in the construction.

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They will usually identify the problem within one day of the survey. In most cases, this will give you ample time to undertake repairs and get your site back to its pre-incident condition.

The most important thing to remember when considering a Building Survey is that it is just an impartial observation. This means that the surveyor will not tell you what the exact condition of your building is in, just that it is currently in the condition which has been noted. This does not necessarily mean that the building surveyor is 100% correct. You should always try and get an independent party to review the construction and find out exactly what the problems are so that you can then make any necessary amendments with the knowledge of the observations of the Building Survey. Sam Conveyancing a Building Survey Manchester area expert is perfect for the job.

The importance of the building survey cannot be overstated. Without it, the sale and purchase cannot go through. There is a reason for this. Whilst this will be your family home or a source of rental income whatever you purchase of the property is for, it should be remembered that it is also an investment for the bank. They will want to reap as much interest as possible, but in an advised and affordable way for you, from you over the years and they want to know that what they are lending on is actually worth the asking price.

The other most important factor is it allows you to bargain from a position of some strength. If there is something wrong with the property it is well that you should know about it now before the sale goes through. The question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to buy a place that could possibly need a huge amount of work done it. Unless you are looking at a “fixer, upper” then why should you be prepared to pay for a property that could cost you more later on when it turns out the roof is in need of repair and maintenance.

Therefore a building survey remains one of the top priorities to get done and done professionally before the mortgage offer is made and accepted and the contracts exchanged.

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