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The makeup of a walk-in cooler for your business

Anywhere that needs cool storage for a large capacity could benefit from a walk-in cooler. This type of cooler offers many benefits over traditional smaller coolers, including greater capacity, greater convenience, and lower operating costs. Having a

Three Ways to Sell More Cars

Both new car dealerships and used car traders are facing a challenging time in the market in times of financial uncertainty. Image Credit The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ latest figures on new car sales show

An introduction to microwave internet

Microwave internet connections are an increasingly feasible option for both business and domestic users. Here we take a look at the technology and its benefits. Image Credit What is microwave internet? Microwave internet, also known as WiMAX

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Financial Advisor

Using the skills and knowledge of a financial advisor is an excellent way of making sure your money is working as hard as possible. The right advisor can contribute greatly to peace of mind and help ensure

The Importance of Consistent Online and Offline Branding

While most small-business owners and freelancers don’t think of themselves as having ‘brands’ and engaging in public relations, the fact is that every organization has a brand. It would even be reasonable to say that every person