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The makeup of a walk-in cooler for your business

BusinessThe makeup of a walk-in cooler for your business

Anywhere that needs cool storage for a large capacity could benefit from a walk-in cooler. This type of cooler offers many benefits over traditional smaller coolers, including greater capacity, greater convenience, and lower operating costs. Having a larger storage unit for cooling might sound like it will take up more space; in fact, it will work out as a space-saving measure when compared with multiple smaller units.

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Materials and functionality

The working functionality of walk-in coolers always beats smaller units, with functionality the main concern for commercial kitchens. This is because walk-in coolers are made from the right types of materials to provide excellent insulation to prevent heat transfer and maintain the right level of temperature. They are made from stainless steel on the outside or sometimes galvanized aluminum, to provide excellent strength and durability. There are fans located in the coolers to ensure the air circulates around the items and these will have a Spiral Duct to draw in air from the outside environment to convert into cold air inside the cooler.

Bluetooth technology

Many large walk-in coolers can use Bluetooth technology to alert you if the temperature changes or if it falls below a certain level. Motion sensors inside can also be set to turn off to save power. They also have recording systems in place that can record the temperature to keep the unit in line with guidelines from the regulating bodies. Even some home fridges now have smart technology incorporated into the design to allow you to check your food stocks and order food online.

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Safety considerations

Modern walk-in coolers are extremely safety conscious and use high-quality hinges, solids doors, inside door releases for safety, and deadbolt locks on the doors. These features make sure that you can also have manual control of the unit when necessary. These types of solid door refrigeration units combine strength, durability and high performance and make it easy to revamp your commercial kitchen with the latest in refrigeration technology.

Power upgrades

Another consideration when thinking about upgrading your cooling unit is the cooling power of walk-in units, which offer greater power than smaller units. The small units use a half horsepower compressor and tend to sustain a 35-degree temperature; in contrast, a larger walk-in unit uses one horsepower to maintain a much lower temperature. This greater power output means you can achieve greater cooling more easily, which is obviously a very useful feature in a commercial kitchen.

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