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How to improve your hotel bar

HolidaysHow to improve your hotel bar

If your hotel bar is not very popular with your customers, it may be time to update and improve it. We will take you through some different ideas that you can apply to your hotel bar to make it feel fresher and more appealing.

Take a look at your menu

If your bar serves snacks and the menu isn’t drawing in customers, it may be time to update it. Well-made pub classics are always popular, or you could take inspiration from Spain, where small dishes of tapas are served at the bar. Some high-quality bread with cold meats and olives is the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer, or if you serve cocktails and champagne throughout the afternoon, why not serve them with some cupcakes? Time Out has a list of the best bar snacks in New York if you need some ideas.

Your drinks menu may also need an overhaul. If you are a cosmopolitan hotel in a bustling city, customers may expect fun and luxurious cocktails in addition to a large selection of bottled beers and wine. If you ‒ or your staff ‒ don’t know much about drinks, then it may be time to read up on some fun new cocktails or even to take a course.

Put on events

If your bar isn’t filling up with hotel customers, why not open it to the general public? You can put on events such as nights with discounts on food, two-for-one deals on cocktails, happy hours, or even karaoke. Look to the world’s best hotels for inspiration and see how they fill their bars with happy customers. If you have enough space you could even rent your bar out for events such as birthday parties or wedding receptions.

Update your technology

Make sure your bar is working as efficiently as it can. If you have the latest technology and equipment, then serving customers will be quicker and easier. Consider using tablets for recording reservations and orders, and offer the option of contactless payments.

Once your hotel bar has a great menu, innovative technology, and new customers, it will be back on the road to success.

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