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Volcanoes National Park in Africa

Volcanoes National Park is the oldest national park in Africa. Situated in the north of Rwanda, it occupies 160 square kilometers and comprises some of the most stunning rainforest and mountain countryside in the world. Image Credit

What to do in May in Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire is an incredible, lush part of the world, with access to both the beautiful Cotswolds and the adventure hub of the Forest of Dean… and much more, besides! Image Credit If you find yourself in or

Rising gorilla population attracts increased US tourism

Located deep within the forests of Rwanda, the mountain gorillas evoke an awe-inspiring, endearing and somewhat intimidating feeling amongst those who visit them. Watching them from afar, tourists feel a sense of familiarity yet trepidation as they

How to improve your hotel bar

If your hotel bar is not very popular with your customers, it may be time to update and improve it. We will take you through some different ideas that you can apply to your hotel bar to