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Authentic souvenirs to bring back from Europe

TravelAuthentic souvenirs to bring back from Europe

For many of us, autumn is not only the season of crisp air and cozy sweaters but also the best time to travel, since many tourist destinations are now not as crowded as they used to be during summer. The European continent is the most popular holiday destination for Americans, as every country is diverse and full of traditions. If you’re looking for thoughtful presents to bring back from your trip, whether for yourself or your friends and family, here are a few ideas that might come in handy.


Although cities like Barcelona and Madrid are the most visited in summer, the temperatures can get terribly hot, so for many people going there in September or October can be the best decision to take. When in Spain, trying authentic cold cuts and sausages is a must, and if you have the possibility to bring home some Jamón Iberico or Chorizo, you can be sure that such a present will delight someone who is fond of high-quality meat products. A more practical and easier to put in a luggage souvenir would be an abanico, a traditional Spanish fan that would protect you from the heat while also serving as a wonderful home decoration that would remind you of your trip.


Ireland has given the world some of the most brilliant writers and poets, so an authentic copy of The Portrait of Dorian Gray or Dubliners is a thoughtful gift for your bookworm friend. Celtic clothing with traditional motifs is also a popular gift idea, for example, t-shirts and sweaters with distinctive patterns. If you decide to buy a piece of Celtic clothing for you or your friends, you will have a practical souvenir that will be actually used instead of only serving as a decoration. Another thing that you should make room for in your suitcase is Irish chocolate. Although it is not as famous as the Belgian or Swiss one, it is made of rich local milk, which gives it an incomparable taste.

Czech Republic

Located in the very heart of the European continent, the Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations both for Europeans and for those who live overseas. It is also an inexpensive and very diverse country, so getting gifts shouldn’t be a problem regardless of how much money you have. For those friends who always have a sweet tooth, Kolonada is a type of traditional wafer that has different fillings and a unique taste. If your friends prefer drinks, the Czech beer is really as good as they make it sound, so you should take a few bottles of craft beer when going back. And for those family members who like luxurious things, Bohemian crystal is one the finest presents to bring.


Do you want to quite literally bring a piece of German history home? In this country, you can (absolutely legally) get a piece of the Berlin Wall that has separated East and West Germany for almost three decades. A more common and popular, although very impractical souvenir is a beer stein; it probably won’t ever be used to serve beer, but it will be a beautiful decoration in your friend’s or family’s home. Finally, some world-known chocolates like Kinder, Milka, and Ritter Sport are produced in Germany, so it might be a good idea to stack on those.

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