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Back to school outfit ideas

LifesytleBack to school outfit ideas

After a long summer full of memorable moments and hopefully fun stories to tell, we eventually have to go back to school. As sad as it may sound, there are good parts to this, after all, everyone knows that fall is the best season for outfits. We have prepared 3 outfit ideas that will help you start this school year in style. If you watched Gossip Girl and you used to love their outfits, then you’ll love our second option, if you didn’t, you can find a movie you’ve seen that incorporates that style in this list by Vogue. That being said, no matter if you are a fan of casual outfits or you want every day to feel like a runway, you will find an outfit that suits you in our list. Take a sip of your cold lemonade and get ready for shopping!

Effortless Style

Looking put together doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours trying to find the best shirt or go shopping every week for the perfect items. You can find an outfit that is comfortable, includes basic pieces, and also looks clean and stylish. For this outfit, you will need a T-shirt of your choice and a pair of plain black trousers or jeans. What will take this outfit to the next level is the shoes, find a pair of Oxford shoes to add to the basic pieces and you will look like the top student. You can accessorize this outfit with a headband, something colorful to contrast the neutrals, and maybe add some gold jewelry for some elegance. This outfit will keep you comfortable and will make sure you don’t have to wake up 2 hours before to get ready.

Movie uniform

We’ve all seen the movies with high school teenagers looking like the next top model at school and we probably dreamed of looking like that. Truth is, the outfit is very easy to achieve. There are two key pieces for this outfit: a plaid skirt and a stylish sweater. You will need some knee socks, a white shirt if it’s colder, and the two key pieces. You can combine a neutral plaid skirt with a colorful sweater or the other way around, depending on your wardrobe. For the sweater, if you want to add a more personal touch to the outfit, you can choose a woolen Irish sweater. The detailed work and the meaning of each stitch of the Irish sweater will take this outfit to another level and give it a cultural approach as well. For the shoes, any pair of sneakers or boots would go with this outfit and you can also add accessories for more style.

Dressy dream

The last outfit is for those who want to live the summer dream a little bit longer and take it into the school year through an outfit. Find a floral summer dress and combine it with some black boots and long socks and you will definitely have the “cool kid” look. To make it more appropriate for the fall season, you can add a cardigan or a shirt on top of it so you stay cozy. With the accessories, you could wear some dainty jewelry for a more dreamy and put-together look and you can style your hair in a messy bun, add a fun scrunchie and get studying.

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