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Disruptive Logistics and Distribution: It’s Coming Whether We Like It or Not

GeneralDisruptive Logistics and Distribution: It's Coming Whether We Like It or Not

Everything moves at a breakneck pace these days, and it’s hardly surprising with technological and scientific developments happening almost daily. From new mobile phone operating systems to bigger and better home computers, everything is improving in quality and function and to ignore the impact on the supply chain would be a mistake. We are in the age of disruptive logistics, and it’s worth examining how this could impact your business.

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Sales Channels Are Diversifying

More companies are offering packages that cross multiple channels, and the unstoppable rise of e-commerce shows that people are savvier than ever when it comes to how they are consuming. The need for large storage warehouses has increased as people buy online and have items sent directly to them. Picture dozens of aisles of lin bin racks and you’re on the way to understanding the scale of storage overheads retailers face.

Products Are Becoming Densified

Let’s take computer storage as an example; from the floppy disk to the thumb drive, many products these days are becoming smaller and this has a direct impact on shipping by opening up more opportunities for different methods such as airmail. Storage is also affected by densification, with the universally popular in bins being a sound choice to stock a wide variety of items. More and more companies are also looking into the ways in which they transport their goods and a Slough Man and Van may be an option for those companies looking to move smaller items. You could contact UKTDL Slough Man and Van company to see how they can help you.

Decentralizing Industry

Another byproduct of the internet age is the rise of regional warehouses, as stock becomes easier to acquire and having localized bases for shipping keeps postage costs more reasonable for consumers. Buying low-cost, space-efficient storage may be a way to address the fluid nature of stock levels that can vary due to regional demand.

Digital Revolution

Simply put, almost everything is digitally integrated. Even products traditionally associated with a physical item can be adapted to tap into the digital market. Colouring apps for children is a great example of this, which then has a direct impact on the supply-demand of crayons.

These disruptive changes to distribution mean that most businesses will face the prospect of adjusting their logistics processes in the future. The key is pre-empting what may affect your particular business model and planning for changes before they happen to ensure that you are adaptable in what is sure to be a constantly evolving industry.

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