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How to Clean Composite and uPVC Doors

HomeHow to Clean Composite and uPVC Doors

With composite and uPVC doors growing in popularity, you will find that many owners are now following the trend of replacing their doors with these materials. Homeowners choose them because they are sturdy and look great.

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Most people that have windows and doors made from composite and uPVC will find that there tends to be minimal work involved in their maintenance. To start off with, they need no protective treatment or paint application. Washing it now and again will maintain your door’s appearance and keep it looking new.

Why Not a Wooden Door?

Wooden doors are prone to rotting and need to be treated. You can either paint it or find a special application that avoids rot. One way or another, it requires maintenance, especially if you are living in a climate with high humidity. Without the maintenance, your wooden door stands a good chance of warping and bending out of shape.

Easy Cleaning

If you want to maintain the appearance of your composite and uPVC door, you simply have to wash it monthly. It might be even less often if it does not really get that dirty.

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You need nothing more than some warm water, a mild detergent and a microfibre cloth. Many people have fears that strong cleaning chemicals will damage their health or even that of their unborn children. Warm soapy water is harmless and can be used on most things.

Abrasive materials will scratch the finish on the door and will cause it to look old and worn before its time. So take care not to use them. The soapy water is sufficient to get rid of any surface dirt that might have accumulated over the past month.

Replace the first bucket with a clean mixture of soap and water to clean the glass on the front door. Make sure you have a clean cloth for this step. The microfibre can be used to dry the window. Vinegar or window cleaner can be used to achieve a crystal-clear shimmer. Now dry the rest of the door.

Maintaining a composite and uPVC door is as easy as getting a soap, bucket and water. It’s easy and cheap to do.

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