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Wardrobe Essentials for the Contemporary Guy

LifesytleWardrobe Essentials for the Contemporary Guy

In the past, there have always been far more TV shows and magazines aimed at women’s fashions and tips for dressing well and looking great. Thankfully, we are now seeing a lot more aimed at men’s fashion and grooming. The modern man wants to look and feel great too!

For those guys out there, who want to share their sartorial elegance, it’s now much easier to achieve. Learning about those essentials that are the building blocks of a confident personal style is now easier than ever. On that note, here are some of the basic essentials that act as those building blocks from which to develop a unique and distinctive look of your own:

Chinos – There are often occasions where a pair of jeans isn’t quite smart enough, but suit trousers are over the top formal. This is the perfect time for a pair of chinos. Casual and comfy, yet smart enough to pass muster, they can be paired easily with a t-shirt, shirt, and jacket for a versatile alternative to denim.

White t-shirt – Such a simple garment but the flexibility and versatility are off the charts! A top quality, the designer white tee is a must for every man’s wardrobe, feeling amazing against the skin and go with almost anything. It’s also a good shout to have one in black, navy and grey as well.

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Bomber jacket – The bomber jacket has been around for decades and still looks cool, such is their timeless appeal. It’s wise to invest in a plain dark color and choose one made from cotton.

Sunglasses –Invest in a designer pair of classic sunglasses with a frame to suit your face shape. A sharp pair of sunnies a complete an outfit, looking cool whilst protecting you from the sun’s glare and UV rays. Mirrored glasses are very on trend right now.

Slim fit jeans – There is nothing more flattering than a well-fitting pair of high-quality designer jeans. Not loose, not tight but just right and ideally in an indigo blue color. Jeans are the ultimate in versatility and function, an easy item to wear and can be worn with almost any style or garment. Get your Mens Farah Jeans from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/jeans

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Black lace-up shoes – A smart, classic pair of black lace-ups are a must for the modern man. A stylish pair is essential for a work suit or tux, for those extra special occasions.

White button-down shirt –A slim fitting crisp white shirt is another must-have garment. Nothing looks as good under a suit, a crew neck sweater or a blazer as a tailored white shirt. Choose soft, luxurious cotton which will feel incredible and look sharp when paired with trousers or chinos.

Crewneck Sweater –Choose black, navy or grey for the ultimate in versatility. Pair with virtually anything but works especially well as layering underneath a jacket or blazer. Sweaters can also be worn with jeans and chinos just as easily.

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