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Old but still gold: 3 SEO staples

SEOOld but still gold: 3 SEO staples

The internet inevitably moves apace. It seems like every day brings changes in SEO technologies and tactics, and what was once acceptable becomes devalued whilst something new comes in its place. Case in point: meta-keywords. The ever-shifting ground can make it hard to fully understand which strategies to stick with. The Professional seo belfast agency ryco marketing can help you with implementing many different SEO methods. Here we will outline three staples that we don’t think are going out of fashion anytime soon.

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1. Be a speed demon.

The golden rule that faster is better is absolutely true for search engines. Google even provides a tool to assist with analysis and give guidance on how to improve. If it wasn’t important, they simply wouldn’t do this. Its importance is practically a given when you consider that for every 1/10th of a second that loading doesn’t occur on a site, you will lose 1 per cent in sales; numbers like that speak for themselves. The speed of your site will have a direct impact on the user experience which is valued very highly by Google.

2.Clear duplicates.

Who can honestly say they have an entirely clean site? It might be title tags, scraped content, or even mobile sites that end up being separately indexed. The search engines are becoming increasingly clever in identifying it for you, but it’s better to make their lives easy.

How can you manage this? Use consistent URLS across mobile and desktop. 301 redirects are your friend if you can’t fix a link, and meta tags such as no index can be used if you really can’t get rid of any duplicate content.

3.Clean up your structure.

This can be a UI challenge, but implementing changes to your site so that users get to their end destination as easily as possible will also have the same effect for the search engines, according to Search Engine Land. This means you should ensure that you focus on important links, check that your homepage is clean and has minimal links, and use a page hierarchy effectively.

The latest developments in SEO will keep on coming, and this year will undoubtedly bring on more changes so make sure you contact a SEO Belfast company to get you up to date now. . By following these tips, you can ensure that traffic to your site also keeps coming along with a whole host of business.

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