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How scent marketing is being used to sell cars

AutoHow scent marketing is being used to sell cars

Smell is perhaps one of the most underrated senses, although aromas can be extremely powerful in evoking connections to past events and strong emotions. Generating and harnessing emotions can be vital when inspiring consumers to purchase new products.

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The aroma of the automobile

A print campaign in an American newspaper was targeted at readers who were thinking about getting a new car and would also need insurance. When looking at the ad, viewers were given an opportunity to get an inspirational whiff of a new vehicle by opening a paper panel. The thinking behind the campaign was derived from research suggesting that the vast majority of those purchasing vehicles would wait until their hands were on the steering wheel before contemplating taking out insurance.

The smell is inextricably linked with the formation of memories, so providing an aroma-based connection between thoughts of cars and adverts for insurance could prompt consumers to think about insurance policies when test driving a potential purchase. Buying a car is a big decision. For some tips on what to think about before signing the contract, see this article from The Guardian.

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Standing out

Using scent in marketing is not a new phenomenon, but using the concept as part of an initiative to sell car insurance is quite unusual. Beauty products take advantage of scent in promotions all the time. For other types of products, particularly less tangible and less immediately rewarding items such as insurance, it is much less common.

However, consumers have marketing material coming at them from all directions and that extra something that makes a brand stand out could make all the difference in securing sales. If you are intrigued by the idea of scent marketing, you can find out more about scent marketing from Mood Media to see what this exciting field could do for you or your business and help propel it to greater success.

Brands are now becoming more creative when it comes to getting consumers’ attention. Even Oxford Circus Underground Station has been infused with the aroma of cinnamon to make commuters think of Christmas. When used properly and with imagination, scent can be a formidable weapon in the battle to capture the attention of consumers and inspire them to take action and make a purchase.


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